Hand-built with various methods, stoneware, porcelain slip, mirror, silver Kintsugi detail, backing: aluminium french cleat and Australian wool, approx. 490 h x 480 w 20 cm d, 2020
Aurōra Mirror – Transendence, Modern Times in Partnership with NGV, Melbourne Design week. 

Transcendence explores how our lives are shaped and influenced beyond the physical by the furniture and objects we surround ourselves with. It is an expansion on the central theme for Melbourne Design Week – ‘How Can Design Shape Life?’

New work by Ebony Heidenreich, Luca Lettieri, James Howe, Henry Wilson, Steelotto, Coco Flip, Ebony Russell, Connie Augoustinos, Ella Bendrups, Kerryn Levy, Carol Crawford, Kenny Yong-soo Son and Bettina Willner-Browne spans furniture, lighting and ceramics with approaches that vary from strict design disciplines to more expressive fine art processes. ‘Art’ is broadly believed to have transcendent qualities – allowing us to access something outside of ourselves or feel something that words can’t fully capture – Transcendence contends that ‘design’ also has this capability.


The metaphorical mirror serves as a reminder to look within –– to pursue deeper reflection; to note action and reaction. Origin stories remind us that mirrors have always existed and began in the natural world; reflections found in puddles, attesting to water’s connection to a spiritual dimension. In Greek Mythology, polished stones and metals offer salvation. Creating and working with clay helps me explore and make sense of my cultural identity. The placement, attachment and pinch of each coil help weave the past and the present. Taking cues from baroque and beyond, “Aurōra” is a homage to the primitive and a reminder to look within. This piece is a decorative object made with the intention to enhance the every day domestic. It functions to harness the power of light and invite a sense of beauty.

Hand-built ceramic in varied methods,  finishes and dimensions, 2020.

Untitled groupings, Making Spaces, JamFactory: Collect

Contemporary ceramic works presented alongside intricate lino prints illustrating the studios in which they were created.

Exhibiting artist: Ashlee Hopkins, Connie Augoustinos, Ebony Heidenreich, Georgia Cheesman and Kerryn Levy.